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L'Unite Hermetique

As far as the offer of L'Unite Hermetique is concerned, we recommend units the capacity of which makes them a good choice in such conditions as store refrigeration, to small and medium size refrigeration chambers, to fairly large chambers used to, e.g., store fruit and vegetables. In such cases, the units equipped with the original manufacturer’s double compressors are the most suitable.

Moreover, L'Unite Hermetique offers silent units (Silensys) that are usually mounted in the places where quiet operation and attractive appearance matter a great deal (groceries located in residential developments).

A new product on offer (2014) is the SILENSYS INVERTER units – they combine all the advantages of the previous Silensys series with a smooth performance control. The compressor inside the unit is powered by an inverter. This brings the benefit of easy start-up and smooth performance modification in the range 60%–120% of the previous nominal compressor output specified for 50Hz.