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Our standard product is dry ice in 3mm pellets.
On indivudual requests, we can develop offers for dry ice in pellets of the following diameters: 1.7 mm, 2.2 mm, 8 mm, and 16 mm; blocks of various sizes are also available.

A standard product on offer are alsos tyrofoam dry ice containers, volumes: 6.6 dm3 (approx. 5 kg of dry ice), 13.5 dm3 (approx. 10 kg of dry ice), 25 dm3 (approx. 20 kg of dry ice) and 91dm3 *approx. 70kg od dry ice). We can also deliver dry ice in other containers – upon clients’ individual request.

If you wish to make a purchase, please call or email our company beforehand:

Agnieszka Grobelna: phone: 663 945 153;

or use any of telephones or emails specified in the “Contact us” tab.

We can prepare offers for deliveries of dry ice production machines along with dry ice blasting sets. As far as these machines are concerned, we cooperate with a Dutch company AQUILA TRIVENTEK A/S, and some of these devices are built directly by our company.

AQUILA TRIVENTEK A/S is the only company in the world that has patented a dry ice production system with a waste CO2 recovery function. It boasts utilisation rate of liquid CO2 per 1 kg of dry ice amounting to 1.2/1 (in comparison to the solutions offered by other producers this means 200% better efficiency of the dry ice production process). Our company participates in constant improvement of these devices, while their users include the largest global companies dealing in technical gases (from the USA to Europe to Australia).